the Barrel race is not all you need to compete. A healthy horse is a happy horse.

My training programs centers around the horse and how each one works individually.

The relationship between horse and rider is the most important part, so my goal is to get both Horse and Rider on the same page.
Working in the Film industry and at liberty has added a new aspect to my training program and helps me build a better relationship with the horses that I’m working with.

I offer partial and full training at both of my facilities. Full training usually favors for horses starting in the sport, or young horses. Partial training is usually the tune up training.

At the new facility in New Mexico there will be an extensive lesson program along with Summer Camp.

Now if you don't want to barrel race or teach your horse to. I have programs that help both horse and rider better understand each other.
Every horse athlete needs proper tack, a good diet, and a good work program. To get this requires a dedicated owner and a willing horse.